The maritime data hub provides with an overview of the projects supporting the Atlantic Action Plan, the WestMED maritime Initiative and the Black Sea Common Maritime Agenda.

It features the projects which have been awarded grants co-financed by a range of EU programmes (e.g. EMFF, CEF, LIFE, INTERREG, H2020 etc…)  and Member States and international donors. It gives details on each project, its partners and how it supports the related initiative.

The data has been collected and updated by the Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan (EASME/EMFF/2015/, the WestMED maritime Initiative Assistance Mechanism. (EASME/EMFF/2017/ SI2.786811) and the Black Sea Assistance Mechanism (EASME/EMFF/2020/3.1.2/Lot2/SI2.832399).


Maritime Datahub