BSAM National Hubs

Author: Black Sea Assistance Mechanism

National Hubs

National Hubs are teams of national experts with an extensive network and solid knowledge of funding opportunities, who can identify areas of high potential and help develop project ideas. National Hubs offer confidential and tailored guidance on project development, funding opportunities and partner matchmaking and are able to address local priorities.

Six National Hubs have been established in the Republic of Bulgaria, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Republic of Türkiye and the Ukraine.

Members of the National Hubs are listed below:


🇧🇬 National Hub of the Republic of Bulgaria 

Ilze Atanasova

Dominika Tchonkova



🇬🇪 National Hub of Georgia 

Mamuka Berdznisvhili

Merab Kadjaia



🇲🇩 National Hub of the Republic of Moldova

Stanislav Petrascu

Natalia Guranda



🇷🇴 National Hub of Romania

Angelica Paiu

Andreea Ionascu



🇹🇷 National Hub of the Republic of Türkiye

Baris Salihoglu

Mustafa Yucel

Genta Mantikci



🇺🇦 National Hub of Ukraine

Bogdan Avramchuk

Olena Marushevska