Exploring Blue Horizons: Unleashing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Georgia's Blue Tourism

Exploring Blue Horizons: Unleashing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Georgia's Blue Tourism

Author: Black Sea Assistance Mechanism

On November 10 2023, Batumi played host to a dynamic in-person event entitled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Georgian Blue Economy: Innovative Project Ideas for the Development of Blue Economy in Georgia."

The event aimed to support local stakeholders and inspire the generation of innovative concepts to boost Georgia's blue economy, and fuel innovations, focusing on underwater cultural heritage, small-scale cruising, and circular fishery. Moreover, the event offered a platform to promote funding opportunities for SMEs and startups, with a special emphasis on supporting ship owners in Georgia.

Expert panel discussions explored scientific ideas and potential amendments to existing policy in critical areas: Maritime Tourism, Fisheries, and Maritime Transportation.

An agreement was reached among policymakers, businesses, research centres/NGOs, and academia/universities participating on the potential of underwater cultural heritage to diversify the Georgian tourism offerings in closer proximity to Gonio, Petra fortresses and Kobuleti. This was appreciated as an excellent opportunity to develop small scale cruise tourism connecting the above-mentioned maritime destinations. 

Regarding the field of aquaculture and fisheries, the focus was on the circular economy in fisheries and aquaculture areas in Georgia. 

As Georgia embarks on a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship, this second national event stimulates discussions about the future of a sustainable blue economy in the country. Bringing together stakeholders from diverse sectors provides an ideal platform to share ideas and initiate potential collaborations. Stay close to our Georgian National Hub for further developing your Blue Economy ideas.