Fish Forum 2024

Fish Forum 2024

Practical information

Event Date
Monday 19, February 2024 - 09:00:00
Sector of Activity
Fisheries and Acquaculture


The upcoming Fish Forum 2024, hosted by the GFCM, stands as the preeminent scientific gathering in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region, dedicated to fisheries and pertinent issues. Recognized by the United Nations General Assembly as an exemplary interface between science and policymaking, this forum plays a crucial role in implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030). Fish Forum 2024, focusing on climate change and innovative technologies, aims to foster discussions and collaborations among scientists, policymakers, and various stakeholders. With plenary sessions featuring keynote speakers, thematic sessions with scientists, a poster exhibition, and open stands, the forum will delve into three interconnected themes: "Better science for better advice," "Healthy seas and sustainable fisheries," and "Economic and technological innovation for resilient fisheries." This interdisciplinary approach seeks to create a network of trends, identify priorities, and integrate scientific knowledge into decision-making, contributing to the region's progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Participants, including scientists, fishers, stakeholders, researchers, and decision-makers from diverse sectors, are invited to engage in shaping the future of Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries.

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