Hack-a-sea: The Black Sea marine environment

Hack-a-sea: The Black Sea marine environment

Practical information

Event Date
Thursday 12, October 2023 - 09:30:00


The Romanian National Hub is organising the event titled "Hack-a-Sea: The Black Sea marine environment" which will be held in Constanta. With a focus on marine pollution, sustainable blue growth, and fostering a circular blue economy, this event aims to pool the collective wisdom of academia, local authorities, students, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutions, and civil society organizations. The event, scheduled for October 12, 2023, aims to discuss about possible marine solutions that contribute to the sustainable management of the Black Sea and its coastal resources. It also serves as a platform to cultivate innovative project concepts for upcoming proposals, fostering partnerships and networking within the region.

Participants will engage in group discussions, tackling crucial issues such as marine pollution, fishing and aquaculture, and biodiversity conservation. By the end of the event, the goal is to map the primary challenges faced by the Black Sea marine environment, propose innovative solutions, generate ideas for collaborative initiatives, and establish valuable networks. Supported by the Common Maritime Agenda the event aims to promote the sustainable use of the Black Sea and coastal resources while enhancing the region's resilience and environmental well-being. Stay tuned for further updates!