Marine Renewable Energy Academy. Burgas, 4-8 September 2023

Marine Renewable Energy Academy. Burgas, 4-8 September 2023

Practical information

Event Date
Monday 4, September 2023 - 09:00:00


The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University is organizing the inaugural Marine Renewable Energy Academy, which is scheduled to take place in the coastal town of Burgas, Bulgaria, in September. This pioneering educational event on blue energy is the first of its kind in the region. The aim is to bring together an inspired international group of young professionals.

The highlights of the event are: 

  • The International Summer School is a joint effort by the Faculty of Economics and the Burgas branch of Sofia University, in partnership with the British Embassy in Bulgaria.
  • The Marine Renewable Energy Academy will be held from September 4th to September 8th, 2023, in Burgas, Bulgaria.
  • Participants from the Black Sea region will be joined by lecturers from renowned universities in Denmark and the United Kingdom, specializing in marine renewable energy technologies.
  • The summer school's focus will encompass various aspects of renewable energy projects and policies in maritime spaces, including technology and innovation, concepts for offshore wind farm installations, material recyclability, the transition of oil and gas companies to offshore wind energy development, and social, economic, and environmental considerations, with an emphasis on sustainable marine spatial planning.

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