Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Georgia's Blue Economy

Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Georgia's Blue Economy

Author: Black Sea Assistance Mechanism

On 19 June, the Georgian CMA National Hub held the event "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Georgian Blue Economy" in Batumi. The event brought together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss available tools, funding opportunities, and room for cooperation in the Georgian blue economy sectors.

Presentations showed the role of scientific research in driving innovation and brought examples of available tools such as the Black Sea Accelerator programme supporting national and local blue economy companies in accessing finance.

Discussion covered topics spanning from maritime tourism to digitalization of transport, and sustainable fisheries. The main aim of the event was to demonstrate the key role of innovation in Georgia's blue economy to help local stakeholders generate new ideas and promote funding opportunities for small businesses and startups. Outcomes of those exchanges include the need to identify opportunities in underwater cultural heritage and small-scale cruising, recognizing the potential of wildlife watching and aquaculture for agro-tourism development.

Around 30 participants attended, including representatives from academia, government bodies, NGOs, private companies, and media organizations. Overall, the event successfully promoted innovation and entrepreneurship in Georgia's blue economy, highlighting the importance of scientific research and collaboration between stakeholders.

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