Ukrainian National Hub Promotes Aquaculture Development and Artificial Reefs Installation

Ukrainian National Hub Promotes Aquaculture Development and Artificial Reefs Installation

Author: Black Sea Assistance Mechanism

August 16, 2023 - The Ukrainian National Hub of the Black Sea Assistance Mechanism organized a discussion on the sustainable development of aquaculture in the country and the installation of artificial reefs. The event, titled "Artificial Reefs and Aquaculture Development," marked the second national gathering organized by the National Hub in 2023, confirming its commitment to the implementation of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea.

Nestled in the province of Mykolaiv Oblast, the event engaged the participants in the physical placement of certified artificial reefs into the Tylihul River’s estuary, on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, an initiative aimed at boosting marine biodiversity. Artificial reef modules are placed in the sea to form reef habitat, boost biodiversity and create new ecosystems, and they consist of a good support for aquaculture species. 

The event's attendees were representatives from educational institutions, scientific bodies, public organizations, local communities, and businesses. Together, they discussed the existing status of aquaculture development in the country, with a particular emphasis on sturgeon restoration. Discussions also revolved around Ukraine participation in the newly established Technical Group on Sustainable Aquaculture under the Common Maritime Agenda and strategies to foster marine biodiversity, including through the construction and placement of artificial reefs.

The placement of five reef balls, marked the first instance of such an initiative in Ukraine. Moving forward, these reefs will undergo rigorous monitoring to evaluate their efficacy in enhancing the mollusk population, a crucial step towards potential replication across the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian National Hub's dedication to the Common Maritime Agenda and its innovative approach to promoting a thriving marine life represents a significant step towards potential replication in the wider Black Sea ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more information about the event and on the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea!