Unlocking Solutions for Black Sea Sustainability: A Collaborative Endeavor

Unlocking Solutions for Black Sea Sustainability: A Collaborative Endeavor

Author: Black Sea Assistance Mechanism

Romania closed 2023 with the second event “CMA in my country”, in December, in Constanta. Around 30 participants, coming from different professional areas like academia, research, private sector, non-governmental organisations and education engaged in a concerted effort to address the challenges facing the Black Sea blue economy by 2030.

The primary focus of this gathering was to devise strategies for reducing marine pollution, promoting sustainable blue growth, and fostering a circular blue economy. The event, structured into sessions, aimed to identify innovative and impactful solutions for the sustainable utilization of the Black Sea and its coastal resources.

The format of the event was designed to enable active participation, fostering collaboration within working groups. Through a combination of brainstorming, prioritization through voting, and co-creation work, participants delved into three topics: tackling litter pollution, sustainable fishing & aquaculture activities, and biodiversity conservation.

The main achievement of the event was the conceptualisation of three project ideas during its final session. Stakeholders signalled their readiness to extend these project ideas and actively pursue funding opportunities.

The subsequent "Hack-a-Sea" sessions provided a platform for three teams to develop further the selected ideas as potential future projects. These ideas included genetic studies on micro-organisms for plastic decomposition, the establishment of a network of biodiversity education centres, and the mapping of ghost fishing gear hotspots.

These project ideas showcase the potential for practical, actionable solutions to the challenges faced by the Black Sea. While these were the most voted ideas, participants contributed other valuable suggestions for Black Sea sustainability. The event's success lies not only in the ideas generated but in the collaborative spirit that paves the way for a more sustainable future for the Black Sea and its ecosystems.