5th EU Macro-Regional and Sea Basin Strategies Days coming in June!

5th EU Macro-Regional and Sea Basin Strategies Days coming in June!

Practical information

Event Date
Wednesday 12, June 2024 - 12:00:00
Sector of Activity
Blue Economy Blue Growth Fisheries and Acquaculture


For the first time this year, the EU MRS Week is evolving into the EU Macro-regional and Sea Basin Strategies Days, a collaborative effort by DG REGIO and DG MARE. 

Scheduled for 12 and 13 June 2024 at THE EGG in Brussels, this two-day event will bring together the seven strategies – Alpine, Danube, Adriatic – Ionian, Baltic Sea, Atlantic, Western Mediterranean, and Black Sea. It aims to foster communication and networking, enhancing coordination among participating countries, pillar coordinators, stakeholders, presidencies, and representatives from EU institutions. 

Themed #Strategies4cooperation, the event will address various topics pertinent to the seven strategies, focusing on knowledge exchange, creating new synergies, and reinforcing existing ones.  

The first day of the event will focus on practical knowledge exchange and thus will feature five parallel interactive workshops covering five key themes Enlargement, Climate Change, Clusters and Innovation, Embedding, and Civil Society Engagement. More specifically, the workshops will focus on:  

  • Exploring the opportunities and challenges related to expanding the reach and impact of the strategies. 

  • Understanding and acting on the urgent need for coordinated efforts to address climate challenges and promote sustainable development. 

  • Utilising innovation and cluster development to stimulate economic growth and enhance competitiveness. 

  • Finding ways to adapt to the evolving landscape of European policies and strategies. 

  • Emphasizing the crucial role of civil societies in shaping and contributing to the success of regional strategies. 


Notable speakers include Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms; Themis Christophidou, Director General for DG REGIO; and Charlina Vitcheva, Director General for DG MARE, who will participate in the opening and closing sessions. 

Interested in attending? Event website and registration until 28 May: https://eustrategiesdays.regio-events.eu/  

See the detailed agenda here